November 12, 2013

Campaign funds repairs, renovations at Dearborn Heights church, new computers for parish school

St. Anselm Parish exterior

A new roof on the church and parking lot repairs were accomplished through the parish Changing Lives Together initiative. Photo courtesy St. Anselm Parish

Msgr. James Moloney and the lay leadership at St. Anselm Parish in Dearborn Heights set the priorities to be funded through Changing Lives Together and communicated those priorities to parishioners. The faithful quickly responded to the call, surpassing the parish goal for the campaign and completing four of several planned improvements.

St. Anselm Parish computers

The Changing Lives Together campaign at St. Anselm Parish funded 20 new computer work stations for St. Anselm School. The new work stations were acquired and installed earlier this year. Photo courtesy St. Anselm School

“I’ve been involved with the Society for the Propagation of the Faith for fifty years, and acquired some skill in that time in asking the faithful for financial support,” said Msgr. Moloney, pastor at St. Anselm for three decades. In the past year, parishioners at the debt-free parish have seen a new roof added to the church, repairs to the parking lot, and restoration work completed on the parish shrine. St. Anselm School has received 20 new computer work stations resulting from campaign pledges being fulfilled.

“The parish finance council and pastoral council keep an eye on the funds we have available and what it will take to complete the next projects on our list,” said Msgr. Moloney. “I am profoundly grateful for their involvement and leadership.”

Msgr. Moloney recalled hundreds of parishioner-to-parishioner phone calls conducted as a precursor to the Changing Lives Together campaign as the most successful part of the parish effort. “Volunteers divided up names and called every household registered at St. Anselm to check on their fellow parishioners – if anyone needed prayers, assistance of any kind, and to welcome them back to Mass and the sacraments,” Msgr. Moloney continued. “Contacting everyone in our parish family was great evangelization and we hope to do that again.”

Updated November 2013

 Changing Lives Together at
St. Anselm – Dearborn Heights

Pastor: Msgr. James Moloney
Parish founded: 1954
Registered households: 677
Campaign launch: March 2012
Goal: $371,000
Pledged: $445,578

Parish priorities:

  • New roof for the church
  • Parking lot repairs
  • Repairs to the church shrine
  • New tech equipment for the school
  • New HVAC system
  • New sound system
  • New storm windows for the church