Changing Lives Together tops $120 million in gifts, pledges

With gratitude to God and for the generosity of His people here in the Archdiocese of Detroit, we are pleased to announce that the Changing Lives Together Capital Stewardship Initiative has reached the milestone of having raised $120 million in gifts and pledges.

Nearly 76,000 families have made contributions to Changing Lives Together, which most largely benefitted the parishes themselves. Nearly $8 million also has been earmarked for archdiocesan-wide initiatives to train Church leaders, help Catholic families fund Catholic education, and strengthen the Church in the city.

“As we proceed through this special Year of Mercy in the Archdiocese of Detroit and the many initiatives that are being undertaken to energize us and mobilize us to Unleash the Gospel and bring the saving and healing touch of Jesus Christ to more of our neighbors, it is important to remember and be grateful to God for the many blessings that have been bestowed on us through the Changing Lives Together Initiative,” said Archbishop Allen Vigneron about the campaign, which began in 2010. “I am so grateful to our parishioners who worked so hard on this effort and who gave sacrificially, and to the leadership of our pastors for this amazing success, and the many good works that have been done in our parishes as a result.”

Of $120,270,000 million pledged and gifted, nearly $100 million in cash already has been received. Approximately $15 million pledges through parishes are still being paid. An additional $5 million for the campaign has been pledged through planned giving.

Parishes across the Archdiocese have shared their stories – as documented here on the Changing Lives Together website, in our e-mail newsletter, and in The Michigan Catholic newspaper – about how the capital stewardship initiative has transformed their parishes, and provided debt relief, facilities upgrades and programming enhancements to their ministries.

True to its name and its mission, Changing Lives Together has demonstrated the ability of our Archdiocese to unite, to dedicate our time and energy, and to sacrifice for our parishes and for the whole Church of Detroit. It continues to truly change lives as we commit ourselves to the charge of unleashing the Gospel, now and into the future.

Reignite your passion for Jesus Christ and your involvement in parish life! Through Changing Lives Together, you can apply your time, talent, or treasure to strengthen the faith by strengthening your parish. Get Involved…