June 7, 2012

Campaign surpasses $50 million in pledges

Archbishop Vigneron and Rev. Don LaCuesta

Archbishop Vigneron and Rev. Don LaCuesta, administrator of St. Dunstan Parish in Garden City, at a reception for parishes participating in Changing Lives Together this summer.

As 67 more parishes prepare to launch their Changing Lives Togethercampaigns this summer, the archdiocesan-wide campaign has received more than $50 million in pledges from generous parishioners in just over a year of parish fundraising efforts. Over 35,000 pledges have been received from parishioners at 124 parishes.“This summer, more than half of the parishes in southeast Michigan will have participated in Changing Lives Together,” explained Mike Vlasic, chairman of the Changing Lives Together Steering Committee. “Word is spreading, pledges are being fulfilled, and parishes are getting stronger,” he continued. “Parishes are reinvigorating their ministries, improving their facilities, and increasing participation in sacramental life, which is exactly what we want to achieve through this initiative,” Vlasic concluded.

The 43 parishes in the third wave that launched their campaigns earlier this year are now at 83 percent of their goal. Nearly forty parishes in the second wave have reached 84 percent of their goal and a small group of parishes that piloted Changing Lives Together last year surpassed their combined goal.

Updated June 2012

Changing Lives Together is a series of parish campaigns to generate resources to fulfill parish-developed plans and priorities. Learn more about the initiative in your parish.