About the Initiative

Dramatic economic shifts and changes in cultural values have affected every Catholic in the Archdiocese of Detroit. Like so many parishioners and families struggling to persevere through the recession, Catholic parishes, schools, priests, and lay leaders are challenged as never before to meet changing needs with tightening resources.

For the Church in this six-county region of southeast Michigan, these realities are unlike any that have confronted the fabric of Catholicism in generations. Weathering economic downturns or outlasting cultural fads are no longer viable options.

More than 300 years of history in the Archdiocese of Detroit puts in perspective the challenges to be overcome by today’s Catholics and their Church. In 1701, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, accompanied by two priests and a small group of traders, landed on the Michigan shoreline of the Detroit River. Days after landing, they began constructing Ste. Anne de Detroit, now the second oldest parish in the United States. While the abundant environment provided materials to build Ste. Anne’s and sustain the explorers in body, their greatest resources were their faith, determination, and spirit of overcoming any challenge. Now an Archdiocese of 1.4 million Catholics, over 200 parishes, nearly 100 schools, and dozens of other Catholic institutions, today’s Catholics in the region, fired with the examples of their ancestors in faith, have immeasurably more to build upon.

Led by Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron and joined by thousands throughout the Archdiocese, Changing Lives Together is a sweeping initiative to strengthen the parishes, schools, the priesthood, lay leaders, and the faith life of every Catholic.

Join us in sowing the seeds, reaping the rewards, and rejoicing together in a Church to be strengthened for generations to come.

Reignite your passion for Jesus Christ and your involvement in parish life! Through Changing Lives Together, you can apply your time, talent, or treasure to strengthen the faith by strengthening your parish. Get Involved…