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What is the Changing Lives Together Initiative and what are its goals?

    • Strengthened Parishes
    • Strengthened Catholic Education
    • Strengthened Formation of our Priests, our Seminarians, and our Lay Leaders
    • Strengthened Church Ministry in the City of Detroit
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  • Changing Lives Together is about creating a stronger future for the Catholic Church in Southeast Michigan and our collective ability to do God’s work. By working together to achieve this shared mission and by combining our time, talent, and treasure, we will be blessed with:

What is the financial goal and how will the funds be used?

    • Parish Ministry ($95 million): Each of the parishes in the Archdiocese of Detroit will set their own unique pastoral priorities.
    • Archdiocesan Initiatives and Campaign Expenses ($40 million):
      • Archbishop Vigneron’s priorities include providing additional financial assistance to students in Catholic primary and secondary schools
      • Generating new funding for continuing education and formation of our priests
      • Increasing support for Sacred Heart Major Seminary for the education and formation of our future priests, deacons, and lay church ministers
      • Building a grant fund to support the ministry of the Church in the City

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  • $135 million for the following priorities:

How were the initiative priorities determined?

    The initiative priorities were derived from Archbishop Vigneron’s pastoral vision, and informed by an extensive year-long planning study that involved a broad cross-section of clergy and lay leaders. This process tested the feasibility of these initiatives among those who would be leading the initiative. The planning study underscored the appropriateness of these initiatives for the Archdiocese of Detroit.
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Who will be asked to participate?

    Every parish and every household in the Archdiocese of Detroit will have the opportunity to consider an informed, thoughtful, and prayerful commitment. Support in time, talent, and treasure from all 1.4 million Catholics in the Archdiocese is needed to achieve the initiative’s priorities. more information…

How will initiative proceeds be shared among parishes and Archdiocesan ministries?

    70% of the gifts received by the parish will stay with the parish. 30% of the proceeds will support the Archbishop’s pastoral initiatives and major initiative expenses. Once a parish reaches its target goal for the initiative, it will retain 100% of any additional funds raised.
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How long will parishioners have to fulfill their pledges?

Will the annual Archdiocesan Catholic Services Appeal be conducted during the initiative?

    Yes. The annual CSA is vital for Archdiocesan annual operations, just as parish operational support drives must also continue during the initiative. The CSA will launch in May, as usual, and will not interfere with the timing of individual parish Changing Lives Together Initiative launches. The overall archdiocesan CSA goal will be frozen for 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Is this the right time for an initiative of this magnitude?

    Considering the urgent ministerial priorities throughout the Archdiocese and the results of the initiative planning study, now is the time to launch Changing Lives Together. The planning study concluded that parishioners throughout the Archdiocese have a deep understanding of the needs and favor a campaign to strengthen their parishes while also achieving Archbishop Vigneron’s objectives.

How can I make a gift to Changing Lives Together?

    First, prayerfully reflect about making a three-year pledge to this initiative. This may enable you to consider a larger gift spread over a longer period. You will have the flexibility to fulfill your commitment on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. more information…

Apply your professional or personal talents to strengthen your parish and the Archdiocese of Detroit.
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