Every parish in the Archdiocese of Detroit will engage in this campaign, ultimately involving more than 200 distinct parish-based fundraising and stewardship education projects conducted separately under a single theme – Changing Lives Together. Parish participation in  Changing Lives Together begins with pastors and their lay leaders determining parish needs such as expanding religious education programs, widening charitable outreach, establishing or growing an endowment fund, retiring debt, and renovating or repairing facilities. These parish priorities connect with the broader effort of Changing Lives Together to create a stronger future for the Church in southeast Michigan.

The leadership of each parish will plan and conduct its own Changing Lives Together campaign with the assistance of the Archdiocese and with training and support from professional fundraising counselors. The fundraising target for each parish is based on 90 percent of its annual offertory collection. Parishioners are asked to make pledges to their parish campaign to be fulfilled within three years. Each wave of parishes will take about six months to complete. The overall goal is $135 million.

Because strengthening parishes is the top priority of Changing Lives Together, 70 percent of campaign funds raised in each parish will stay in the parish to meet parish priorities. The remaining 30 percent will enhance archdiocesan tuition assistance in Catholic schools,  strengthen priestly formation and lay leadership training, preserve Church ministries in Detroit, and cover initiative expenses.

Our Catholic faith gives us the sure and certain hope that God, in his loving kindness, is always there to strengthen us to do his will. We truly are God’s coworkers.
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