Prayers for Stewardship of the Church

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Gracious and Loving God,

We come to you in gratitude,
nourished by grace,
blessed by Your bountiful gifts.

We rejoice in the transformation
of Your Son’s suffering and death
into the victory of new life and resurrection.

Help us be transformed as well
so that we may have the power to change,
to renew our Church and to bring about greater justice and peace
in our homes and in our world.

Strengthen our commitment to be faithful stewards
and more generous in our response to Your Church’s needs.

Show us the power of Your love
so that we may be joyful,
comforted by hope,
and drawn ever closer toward the vision of Your glory.

We ask this through Christ, Our Lord,

Archdiocese of Detroit 2003 Catholic Services Appeal Prayer

Lord God,

You are the source of all we have
and we thank You for Your abundant gifts,
especially the gift of Your Church and its living story of faith;
a story of peace and joy, pain and suffering, truth and grace.

Send down Your Spirit, Lord,
to open our hearts to the call of Jesus, our teacher,
Who invites us to live as disciples, serve as good stewards,
and respond with generosity to the needs of Your people.

Through the work of Your Church,
may we also be renewed and strengthened,
in order to live our story faithfully, in hope and love.

We ask this through Christ, Your Son,
Who lives and reigns with You
and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.

Adapted from the Archdiocese of Detroit 2006 Catholic Services Appeal Prayer

We come to You, Father

Blessed by Your Son, Jesus Christ,
Who died for us and is our Risen Lord;
nurtured by the Holy Spirit,
Who has bestowed upon each of us an abundance of spiritual gifts.

Open our hearts
so that we may become ever more faithful
in celebrating the sacraments, proclaiming your Word,
and affirming the gifts of the Spirit.

Give us the wisdom and courage to be good stewards
of our life of faith, our Church, and all those in need of Your loving care.
And guide us on our pilgrim way,
so that we, too, may share in the victory of Christ
and the bounty of eternal life.

We pray this through Christ, our Lord.

Archdiocese of Detroit 2007 Catholic Services Appeal Prayer

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