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Changing Lives Together

Through the seasons of our journey,
though we change, you remain.
Though we wander, vainly searching,
in our pain, you remain.
Blindly we’ve stumbled
in this desert land.
The gift we are seeking
is close as your hand.


Changing lives together,
though the laborers are few.
A golden harvest is waiting;
we’re sent two by two.
Changing lives together.

We know the road on which we travel
by the path left before.
Many steps cut straight a highway,
to be trod by many more.
Valleys exalted,
rough places plain.
Mountains all tumble
at the sound of your name. Refrain

We cast our bread upon the water,
plow the land, scatter seed.
Place our gifts upon your altar,
to be shared with those who need.
You bless and make holy
these gifts of praise.
Help us raise the lowly
in wonderful ways. Refrain

© 2011 Timothy R. Smith. Published by TR Tune LLC. All rights reserved. License 20142: Parishes of Archdiocese Of Detroit authorized to copy this composition for Parish and Archdiocesan activities only. License valid through 1 August 2014.

This Initiative is an opportunity for parishioners across the Archdiocese to join as never before, setting their hearts aflame for Jesus Christ, by Changing Lives Together, forever. Get Involved…