Stewardship Prayer for Sharing

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Good and gracious God,

We thank You for all we are, and all we possess.
Everything is a gift from Your infinite generosity.
How bountiful is Your kindness.
How enduring Your mercy.

You have bestowed all these blessings on us,
Your unworthy servants.
Our use of these gifts will manifest both our gratitude and our awareness
of just how dependent we are on Your grace.

As we explore our responsibility to be good stewards,
fill us with the compassion of Jesus, Your Son.
Give us eyes to see the needs of those around us,
in the faces of our neighbors near and far.

Give us hearts that are moved by the pleas of those
who cry out on behalf of the children, the refugees, the sick, and the suffering.
Give us hands that are eager to share what You have entrusted to us.
Give us feet to venture wherever the Spirit leads.

As we resolve to be mindful of the needs of others,
we pray that You instill in us Your kindness and Your mercy.
Free us from all attachments to things of this world.
Keep us focused in our mission of good stewardship.

In Jesus’ name, we pray.

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