Stewardship Prayer in Thanksgiving and Sharing

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Heavenly Father,

Eternally kind and gracious,
we thank You for all we are and all we possess;
this is all fruit of Your unlimited generosity and benevolence.
We thank You
because we do not possess anything,
not even our lives; this has all been a gift from You.

Enlighten our minds, so that we can use wisely
all the gifts we receive from You daily.
Help us understand that it is better to give than to receive;
giving helps our soul give up the material and temporal,
in order to ally it with a spirit of altruism and charity.

Help us comprehend more each day
that by the means of giving,
we can adjust the inequities of the human race.
This is the only way the strong and the powerful
can help the weak,
so that social peace can reign among us.

We place this in the name of Your beloved Son, Jesus,
Who lives and reigns in the unity with the Holy Spirit
forever and ever.

National Catholic Stewardship Council 1999 Conference Prayer

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