Stewardship Reflections through the Rosary

In their pastoral letter, Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response, the United States bishops wrote:

“After Jesus, it is the Blessed Virgin Mary who, by her example, most perfectly teaches the meaning of discipleship and stewardship in their fullest sense. All of their essential elements are found in her life: she was called and gifted by God; she responded generously, creatively, and prudently; she understood her divinely assigned role as ‘handmaid’ in terms of service and fidelity (see Luke 1:26-56).

As Mother of God, her stewardship consisted of her maternal service and devotion to Jesus, from infancy to adulthood, up to the agonizing hours of Jesus’ death (John 19:25). As Mother of the Church, her stewardship is clearly articulated in the closing chapter of the Second Vatican Council’s Constitution on the Church, Lumen Gentium (cf. 52-69). Pope John Paul II observes: ‘Mary is one of the first who “believed,” and precisely with her faith as Spouse and Mother she wishes to act upon all those who entrust themselves to her as children’ (Redemptoris Mater, 46).”

From the earliest days of the Church to the present day, Christians have reflected on Jesus Christ through the eyes of His Mother. Around the year 1200, thanks to the influence of St. Dominic, a special method emerged for contemplating the Birth, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus — the Rosary.

Modeled on the 150 Psalms recited or sung each week by priests and religious, the Rosary offers a process for prayerful reflection on the Gospels. Recognizing the need to pray that all may embrace the Christian concept of stewardship as a way of life, the Archdiocesan Prayer Committee for the Changing Lives Together initiative offers these Stewardship Reflections through the Rosary for public and private use. Consider these suggestions:

  • Pray the Rosary clearly with a steady rhythm that is neither rushed nor dragged out.
  • Allow for moments of silence to absorb the reflections on the passages from Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  • Begin with the introductory Stewardship Prayer and proceed with the appropriate mysteries of the day as indicated.

Blessings from the Changing Lives Together Prayer Committee!

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