Changed Lives

    One Family’s Story -the Hall-King Family
    My journey of faith and stewardship in this parish began as a young child. Early on, while attending a Catholic grade school, I was influenced by Sr. Mary Schutz. She nurtured me, and took me under her wing to develop my knowledge of our faith, and the gift I had to share it with others. Read More >>

    One Family’s Story – the Schmidt Family
    The Schmidt family made a $3,000 pledge to their parish initiative, but of late, Ann Schmidt had come to believe that God wanted her to double their family’s commitment. She knew this would not sit well with the family – they had already made significant adjustments to pledge the $3,000. Read More >>

    A Pew Sitter’s Testimony
    Tom was a dedicated, comfortable pew sitter. He had been active in his younger days, but through college, marriage, raising children, and work he became comfortable sitting in the pew for one hour per week at Sunday Mass. Sharon, his wife, had become active in the children’s Religious Education. That was good for her, but Tom was comfortable as a pew sitter. Read More >>

    Changing Lives Together is parish-based. All parishes are participating. Learn more about the initiative in your parish. Contact Your Parish…