One Family’s Story – the Hall-King Family

    the Hall-King family

    the Hall-King family

    My journey of faith and stewardship in this parish began as a young child. Early on, while attending a Catholic grade school, I was influenced by Sr. Mary Schutz. She nurtured me, and took me under her wing to develop my knowledge of our faith, and the gift I had to share it with others. Starting out being a part of the parish youth council, then becoming an instructor of the Children’s Liturgy of the Word, while still in high school, that commitment to sharing the faith, and being a part of the youth development in our parish, continued by teaching Monday afternoon Bible School/ Religion classes in the parish gymnasium.

    Throughout the time that I spent learning and teaching my faith, the guidance and leadership I received from the cathedral’s parish family was significant to my personal growth and development as a Christian. The many opportunities I received to increase my knowledge through conferences, various groups and councils, and participation in parish activities, directed my college studies, and my current profession. I truly believe that the encouragement to share my gifts of time, talent, and faith, not only being influenced by my own family members, my parish family, and some of the teachers I encountered through my 13 years of Catholic School education, led me to become a teacher. One of those teachers who influenced me (Todd Fadoir), is a member of our parish, and became my children’s Godfather.

    I believe that a strong Catholic school education is important for the continued development of Catholic Christians. Allowing for our children to gain deeper knowledge of their faith, and seeing real life role models in their instructors, who practice their faith daily and guide their students to being good practicing Catholics, is an important and necessary aspect of a Catholic education. Our Changing Lives Together campaign is important to the parish community for many reasons, one being the retention of our Catholic schools. Having attended Catholic school from kindergarten through twelfth grade, I can appreciate everything I learned about my faith, and that is my reason for continuing that with my own children. My oldest daughter is now attending a Catholic school, and I hope that we can help support the schools so other children in the future, will have an opportunity to experience and appreciate that same influence.

    My stewardship has continued in my adult life being a Eucharistic minister and lector within the parish, and I am hoping to instill in my children a legacy of faith-filled service and stewardship within our parish as well. Our goal as a family is to pray together and ask for guidance to make a significant pledge to the Changing Our Lives Together campaign that will help sustain our parish community and help service those members within the community.

    Latoya Hall-King

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